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Lifts produced by Hagison with carefully selected elements which imported from the best-known elevator parts manufacturers such as Montanari Giulio, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Fuji, Yaskawa, STEP, Monarch, Weco, Ningbo Ouling, etc. ensuring a high consistent quality of every product delivered to customers for individual needs.

We are confident to state that our elevator products meet all necessary criteria for quality standards and norms, safety, reliability which equivalent to a whole imported one through our conformity certificates QCVN-02:2011 and the quality management system ISO-9001:2008.

We are also a distributor imported elevator products from the world famous brands including: ThyssenKrupp (Germany), Mitsubishi (Japan), GYG (South Korea), Koyo (Japan-China).

Our commitment is to provide only perfect products and services with the motto “Quality – Safety - Economy”.


Our most important goals are:

  • High quality and advanced technology for people;
  • Specialist competency, partnership and reliability have top priority;
  • Transparent processes and organization, satisfied customers;
  • Applied for every product.


  • Comprehensive development outsourcing market OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) professionals to meet the demand in the Asia - Pacific, Middle East, ...
  • Become manufacturers and maintenance of elevators and escalators leading in Vietnam.
  • Always innovative and pioneer in the field of technology intensive sectors elevator, providing optimal solutions, catering to modernity, aesthetics and safety of the product line Premium service elevator the absolute satisfaction of customers in the country (Vietnam).
  • Confident export premium products to lift markets in the region and the continent.

Project Reference

70-72 Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1, HCMC



Bình Trung Ðông Ward –District 2 – HCMC



Quality Management System certificate ISO-9001:2008

National technical regulation for electric lift QCVN-02:2011/BLĐTBXH


Some terms in the installation of elevators
When conducting choose suppliers, to laying the elevator we often hear strange terms that no expert would not understand. ELEVATOR HAGISON elevator company would put to you some of the terms in the installation of elevators.

Cabin lift:
Cabins for lifts to accommodate people or freight.

Pictures cabin lift.

Tonnage elevator:
Weight lifting allows most of elevator measured in kilograms (kg). Depending on which we classify into different ladders: elevator family, elevator passenger elevator, lift truck ...

Health cure elevator:
Most number of people allowed on the elevator carrying; capacity depends on the cabin floor area.

Well elevator (Shaft / Hoistway):
The space bounded by the wall surrounding the surface of the well pit floor and ceiling; the space elevator shaft to the motion of the elevator as: cabin, counterweight, cables, chains ... move in there.

Well elevator.


Stop point:
Location to place on every floor elevator cabin use.

Pit wells (PIT):
Part elevator shaft below the lowest breakpoint.

PIT pit longitudinal section.

Peak wells elevator (OH):
Part elevator shaft above the highest breakpoint.

Velocity works:
Velocity measurements operate as designed by m / p or m / s. Velocity work on 2.5m / s called high velocity.

Velocity repair:
Slow speed, use only during inspection and repair.
Above are some terms or use in the process of installing an elevator. Hopefully the article gave you some useful knowledge. Any questions please contact HAGISON ELEVATOR elevator to get free advice.



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