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The apartment buildings, large commercial installations are passenger lifts to help people easily move quickly and conveniently. Not merely a transportation device vertically, lift Thien Nam has improved and the application of new technologies in the elevator, but the unit offers harmonization elegant design, have many material models for customers to choose.

In high-rise buildings, the installation of passenger elevators is an indispensable means. On the health side, the up and down using the stairs will extend the life. But with a few dozen floors, then moving so be considered "catastrophic", just take time, just exhausting. Irrespective of the area of ​​the stairs to take much space, many people also go on it very inconvenient.


Passenger elevator is kind of ladder is full of features and are manufactured with the highest quality, applying scientific and technological achievements in this type of ladder to best serve our customers. Passenger Elevators with many smart features and works very versatile, very complex structure to enhance the performance of human transport.

ADVANTAGES OF PASSENGER ELEVATOR, if used from GOOD, to express MODERN passenger lifts should converge following characteristics:

1. Control option: In the building, now Settings options for passenger elevator, this use must comply with regulations.

- Example: a building with an elevator and 7 floors 3 plants, people will install an elevator to the 3rd floor first and then come back, 2nd elevator to the 5th floor, 3rd on the 7th floor elevator ... If in regime automated passenger elevator operations under way are running, when going up or down, the new destination can return.

2. Adjust the opening and closing times: You mind if some passenger elevator is closed too quickly, but this amount of time is possible thanks to computer settings. This time affect the whole journey up and down the building. If the door too long waiting time, the user can press the button opens the door quickly to save time when no one outside.

3. Gather enough dimensional, fully automatic: Controls are programmable signal processors will turn Elevator service calls in the direction you travel, then the elevator will serve the opposite direction.


4. Automatically cancel calls in reverse: When the elevator to level last registered in preparation for comparison service, the command was called in the opposite direction will be canceled.

5. Automatically storing the errors occur: Especially as the system scales have the ability to remember 20 error happened earlier in order to improve performance for the repair process.

6. Automatically run on floor waiting: When an elevator in normal operating mode, without any call in the cabin or call any floor, the elevator will automatically run on the floor waiting to be waiting to welcome guests after a time custom.

7. Operating mode Priority: When enabled state switch in the switch box using the controls on the priority of the lift, the doors just closed when hold the button closure. The entire external calls at the door would be isolated floors, stairs made only calls in the lift.

8. Automatically turn off lights, fans in the lift in standby serving: If the elevator stops at intervals customized (default is 10 minutes), did not have any calls, the lights and exhaust fan Cab will automatically shut down until the new call (Auto power off / on)

9. Safety blinds opening and closing by infrared: The passenger elevator is mounted curtain infrared (peephole) long rods along the height of the door. This is safe for the user, when animals or people standing between the elevator door will hold the door open waiting state until the obstruction or the elevator is automatically closed.

10. Lock elevator: passenger elevator was installed ladders smartest, because the number of tourists that elevator serves each day very crowded. Function keys ladder will help lift passenger operations more flexible, more economical. When this function is activated by a key switch in the form of floor, the elevator will serve all calls in the cabin have registered before, then going on the main floor elevator, automatic opening, after about 10 seconds lights will shut off the fan power, the elevator will not serve the state.

11. The overload protection function: Each passenger elevator will have a certain tonnage, while exceeding the prescribed load, the elevator doors closed and the elevator will not signal a warning to people within the party less in addition to reduced tonnage.

12. Ignore the call load floor when the elevator carrying enough: When an elevator goes up or down in the elevator cabin full load will not stop at the floors have a call. This showed passenger elevators are intelligent and flexible.

13. Over speed Protection: In case of moving the lift reached the rated speed, speed limiter will be active glasses and the impact on safety brakes to stop the lift again

14. Lamps and emergency internal phone conversation: In the case of power loss or elevator has stopped operation without opening, emergency light automatically lights up, passengers using the internal telephone conversation - Intercom to communicate with people directly outside Vietnam.

15. Protection Functions as cable load on pulley sliding phenomenon: The phenomenon occurs sliding cable for passenger lifts. If the journey time running larger scale allows (greater than 45 seconds), which means that an elevator cable has slipped, the elevator will stop working and wait for the elevator technician to reset the system and cabin cable.

16. Protect not exceed itinerary: Inertia when the cabin moves up and down in the shaft is very large, so pit PIT and the engine room are off limits installation to cabin cruise itinerary does not pass from being This fixed, because this is very dangerous for the people inside the cabin.

17. To protect the system when the speed controller fails: Elevator'd be in a steady state of emergency in any state activity if detected speed controller (inverter) fails.

18. Rescue automatically when power failure: In case the lift is moving that power outages are the auto salvage will use the power of UPS take the lift to the nearest floor and open the door guests out. The lift will stop at that floor, and will work automatically when power is restored.

19. Protect phase loss, phase difference, phase reverse, over-current: In case of power supply breakdown on the phase, the system will automatically interrupt operation of the ladder to protect the motor and other electrical equipment.

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